About Us


Our Strategy

Our strategy is clear, grounded in a thorough understanding of our brand, customer and product. At the end of March 2015, we unveiled our four pillar strategy to the market.


Our brand values for long-term sustainable growth
The first pillar of our strategy is to EMBED our founding principles and brand values, inspired by Julian and James, with every single colleague, every single store and online and in every country in which we operate so that there is a real understanding and appreciation of what our brand stands for. It is also about embedding the extensive knowledge of our customer into everything we do so that our customer feels valued and is loyal to Superdry.


Investment in people, systems and infrastructure
The second pillar of our strategy is to ENABLE growth by continued investment in our colleagues, systems and infrastructure so that we drive more efficiency and greater profit opportunity as we grow our business.


Achieving growth potential in key categories
Our third strategic pillar is to EXTEND, through innovation of our existing product categories and also through the development of new, complementary product ranges.


Growth opportunities in new markets and online
The fourth pillar of our strategy is EXECUTE, bringing together all elements of the first three pillars and expanding our business globally, online as well as in our Retail and Wholesale channels.